The story so far


Hybrid application for masterplan (Phase 1, detailed and Phases 2-4, outline) approved


Phase 1 works begin

2022 – Spring

Phase 2 detailed application public consultation

2023 – Spring

Phase 2 detailed planning application submitted

Early 2024

Phase 2 detailed planning application withdrawn

2024 – Spring

Public consultation on improvements to approved masterplan (Phases 2-4) and detailed proposals for S03 (Phase 1)

2024 – Summer

Second public consultation on advanced designs for our improved masterplan (Phases 2 – 4) and submission of a planning application for S03 (Phase 1) (expected)

2024 – Late Summer

Submission of planning for our updated masterplan (Phases 2 – 4) (expected)

Winter 2024 / 2025

Target determination for the planning applications (expected)

2025 – Summer

Community centre due to open

The site

TwelveTrees Park covers approximately 24 acres of land and is situated immediately next to West Ham station.

The home of a former Parcelforce Depot, the Greater London Authority (who own the freehold of the site) selected Berkeley Homes as their preferred development partner to redevelop the site in 2016.

Following the approval of our masterplan in 2018, we have been busy delivering Phase 1, transforming an area that had lain vacant for almost a decade into one of London’s most exciting, greenest and well-connected neighbourhoods. 

Why is the project known as TwelveTrees Park?

We renamed the Stephenson Street project to TwelveTrees Park in honour of Harper Twelvetrees.

Twelvetrees was an industrialist, who owned and managed a soap powder factory in the local area, near to the site as it exists today.

He was also one of the leading figures to abolish slavery in the UK and wrote the foreword for the book ‘The Story of the Life of John Anderson’, a true story depicting John Anderson’s escape from slavery in the US and finding refuge in the UK.

The 2018 masterplan

In 2018, we received unanimous approval from Newham Council for a detailed planning application (Phase 1) and our outline masterplan (Phases 2–4).

The 2018 masterplan proposes to create:

Over 3,800 new homes, including 40% affordable housing.

New retail and commercial spaces.

A new linear park.

A new community centre at the heart.

A 1,000 pupil secondary school.

Improved connections to and from nearby West Ham station.

Delivering our masterplan

Following the approval of the masterplan, we have been busy delivering Phase 1 of our new neighbourhood.

Once construction has been completed on Phase 1, we will have created:

1,057 high-quality homes, including much-needed affordable housing.

315 operational jobs for local people.

Significant public realm, greenery and landscaping improvements.

c.30.000 sq. ft of retail and commercial space.

2,500 construction jobs.

A new community centre.

Construction Update

Over the past 12 months, the team have reached some significant milestones, including:

Progressing works on footbridges connecting to West Ham Station, which will open in due course, and improve connectivity across the neighbourhood.

Construction works have commenced on all buildings comprising Phase 1 (excluding the school).

Shortly our landscaping will commence from the bus garage road towards the north pedestrian footbridge, to get us ready for occupations to the back end of 2024.

Our focus has now turned to the second part of Phase 1, where we are completing groundworks and frames for the remaining affordable homes.